AI's Impact on Data Center Management

As cloud migration becomes a cliché, building data centers and hosting the data on servers are the activities that will be undertaken frequently. For manning these data centers and keeping them operational, companies incur significant cost. The probability of human error is high while employees manage the data centers. A single error not just disrupts the data center operation but can throw the complete business in limbo. However, by deploying AI–driven solutions, enterprises can overcome a range of challenges. 

Driven by AI, the solution will mine the data and empower the data center administrators to formulate the risk mitigation strategy. Enterprises will have a better view of probable failures and a way to maintain the inventory of data center equipment that can quickly replace the existing equipment, which is close to becoming dysfunctional. With AI-driven solutions, data center managers can easily track various monitors such as energy usage, workloads, and networking and also delegate the task of decision-making to algorithms that will execute pre-defined resource allocation strategies.

As AI-managed data centers are no longer fictional stories, thinkers in IT arena are pondering over the implications of deploying these intelligent solutions. A behemoth like Google has already experimented the idea of collecting data from the different data center devices and training the neural networks that would manage the data center infrastructure. Evidently, the data center management arena will witness more pink slips. But, efficient data center management and reduction in errors will be the outcomes.

The power of AI, cloud and analytics will prove as a challenge to today’s data centers where humans are decision makers. With AI making its foray into data center management, the days of human dominance seem to be numbered.

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