Digital Transformation Trends that Will Dictate the Enterprise Roadmap for the Next 10 Years

Quantum computing and blockchain technology are very likely to make the most transformative and dramatic changes in the way businesses function, during the next decade. Digital technologies like the internet of things (IoT) and edge-computing support to make new IT realities possible. Almost all business organizations will make technology as an integral part of their employees and customers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are likely to be the most disruptive trend in the next ten years due to far-reaching computation power, access to enormous amount of data, and advances in deep neural networks. These new technology trends are likely to enable businesses with AI to control data, adapt to new situations and solve problems.

According to the technology experts, such innovations will become more human-centric in the next decade and bring transparency between people and businesses. This transparency is very likely to be much more adaptive, contextual, and movable within the workplace.

The emerging technologies require revolutionizing foundations which can provide the enormous amount of data that is required, the power to compute, ubiquity-enabling ecosystems, and others in the next ten years. The move from IT infrastructure to ecosystem authorizing platforms creates the foundation for entirely new digital business models.

Three major business technology developments will enable businesses to flourish over the next five to ten years. AI, immersive technology, and new digital platforms will provide the foundation that is expected to support businesses in connect with more modern ecosystems. Technology experts opine that the enterprise architects who are aimed at technology innovation should assess these emerging technology trends and their impact on the businesses. These trends are likely to provide an immense opportunity for enterprise architecture specialists to help their senior business leaders in IT investment decisions.

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