The Role of Technology in Service Industry

With technology ruling every industry, companies are in need to modify their products and services to offer quality products and services to the customers. Moreover, when deployed and implemented the right way, technology can be the key enabler in improving the customer service. Leveraging the best as well as right technology, it can have a dramatic change on how services are delivered. Take a look at some of how technology is impacting the IT services landscape.

1. Mobile Devices

As mobile devices are taking over every industry, companies can leverage its potential for enhancing the customer service experience. Web sites can be designed mobile friendly, and a dedicated customer service application with chatbots is the great method to enhance customer service. Especially in IT service, where there is a need of high level interaction between IT-savvy engineers, utilizing an application can be the most preferred communication mode.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Numerous devices and sensors are connected to the internet today. Some of the devices are capable in offering real-time remote monitoring. Leveraging these devices, companies can enhance the user service experience in their products. For instance, a pressure sensor in a car engine can allow the support engineer to collect the pressure status without going to the site directly, thereby enhancing the customer’s experience.

3. Cloud

Cloud computing has become a key constituent in the digital era today. Harnessing the potential of the cloud, there are several cloud-based applications in customer relationship management for IT service delivery. Moreover, the cloud plays a prominent role in enhancing the collaboration between support engineers and customers for sharing documents and exchanging historical data.

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