Microsoft's Azure IoT All Set to Intelligently Automate Enterprise Operations

FREMONT, CA:   Emerging as a technology mega trend, across the business spectrum is the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the use of intelligently connected devices and systems to leverage data. The data is gathered by embedded sensors and actuators in machines and physical objects. The convergence is expected to unleash a new dimension of services that improve the quality of life and also the productivity of enterprises. With enterprises investing and leveraging in IoT technology, Microsoft announces the release of the Azure IoT Suite to intelligently automate processes, says Takeshi Numoto, Corporate VP, Cloud and Enterprise Marketing in the Microsoft blog.

The Azure IoT Suite is being offered as an integrated solution and takes advantage of all the Azure functionalities to connect devices and enterprise assets. The suite captures disparate and vast data that is generated by connected things and manages, analyzes and presents it as usable information for making better decisions and automating operations.

The Azure IoT services offer a broad range of capabilities. These enterprise grade services enable customers to collect data from devices, analyze data streams in-motion, store and query large data sets, visualize both real-time and historical data and integrate with back-office systems. To deliver these capabilities, Azure IoT Suite offers multiple Azure services with custom extensions as preconfigured solutions. These preconfigured solutions are base implementations of common IoT solution patterns that help to reduce the time customers take to deliver their IoT solutions. Using the IoT software development kits, users can customize and extend these solutions to meet their requirements. Users can also use these solutions as examples or templates when they are developing new IoT solutions.

Customized to fit the unique needs of business organizations, the Azure IoT Suite also provides complete applications to speed the deployment of common procedures across various sectors such as asset management, remote monitoring, M2M and predictive maintenance. The solution will also help businesses to develop and scale solutions to millions of things.

With an aim to simplify the complexities involved with the implementation and costing of IoT solutions, Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite is available at predictable and simple pricing models, allowing customers to plan and budget accordingly.

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