Verint Systems Introduces Advanced Surveillance Analytics and Potential Forensic Tools

MELVILLE, NY: Verint Systems, an Actionable Intelligence provider for security, surveillance and business intelligence, has recently released updated version of its Network Video Recorders management and situation awareness platform ‘Verint EdgeVMS’ with assets built for financial market customers.

Verint EdgeVMS contains software packages for video viewing and automated monitoring including Verint EdgeVR - IP based network video recorder for numerous geographically distributed operations with hybrid analog abilities, Verint EdgeVMS Op-Center that delivers remote and centralized enterprise management solutions for suite of Verint NVRs and Verint Edge VMS Vid-Center, a unified video viewing interface for banking firms along with 32 camera view per screen and user friendly virtual NVRs.

The advanced versions of Verint EdgeVMS offers modulation in these software packages and delivers bandwidth optimization, remote access and robust surveillance analytics to banking sectors. Now it will serve two additional capabilities, centralized event and transaction search option with filters such as time and date, transaction amount and account number which will allow operator to explore particular accounts activities across various locations. Another one is consolidated forensic face search functionality that enable bank staff to identify people executing malicious transaction and compare their faces with criminal databases.

According to Steve Weller, Vice President, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions, the enhanced competency and features of Verint Edge VMS offers in-depth visibility of customer’s transactions and improved situational awareness for efficient threat prevention in financial market.

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